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About Us

About Us

Robyn Smith, actress, screenwriter, former co-owner of the Shadowland Theater, daughter-in-law and former creative executive of Ann Margret, originally from Oxford, England finally settled down in one location at 913 Route 213 in High Falls as the new owner and operator of Captain Schoonmaker's Bed & Breakfast.

Smith is no stranger to the hospitality industry as her parents had a B&B in Oxford and her grandparents ran an Inn in Wales. “It's in my blood,” she said. “Not everyone can do this – but it’s a charming lifestyle and the people that stay are appreciative of the house and the history.”

Smith explained how the home is so ancient with a certain magic to it. “I felt it was my sacred duty to care for it.” With her background in theater, she expressed how the house had a story to tell and she intended to bring it to life with some theater. “Old buildings are a great backdrop for performances.”

Beyond the bed and breakfast, she will also offer celebrations of one kind or another. And though you can find her whizzing around the kitchen, the guest rooms in the 1760 Stone House or the 1810 Carriage House and on the grounds of scenic location with its mountain trout stream and waterfall, she also looks to the home as a place of relaxation and reflection. “The Historical Marker on the property states it was a place of refuge during the Revolutionary War and it is definitely my place of refuge as I enter this new stage of my life,” said Smith.

[The above excerpts are from an article published in the Blue Stone Press
written by reporter, Donna Cohn Viertel]